The characteristic that the family teachs
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L, comprehensive sex. The comprehensive sex that the family teachs shows the school teachs a canal, domestic education wants a canal; School education no matter, domestic education also wants a canal. 2 be to show social education wants to finish, domestic education must be finished, social education touchs not of 5, the family teachs there is no shirking the responsibility. Give birth to the child to wait for example. Anyhow, the content that domestic education involves wants to be gotten extensively than school education much. 3 it is sex of the member that show those who share staff is complete. Want to have a family only, want to have the child only, must assume the responsibility that has educational children, what the family that finish teachs is compulsory.
The family teachs extremely eventually the social citizen that the purpose is education qualification. Member of 4 eligible societies, must accept comprehensive education. No matter be moral education or intellectual education, sports, aesthetic education, labor, domestic education is responsible the way that makes its need to social place develops. This one purpose decided the comprehensive sex that the family teachs.
2, extensive sex. The extensive sex that the family teachs is to show domestic education is very general. The parent is right the student's exert a subtle influence on. Teach by personal example as well as verbal instrution to be seen at any time, as parent quality rise, filial education takes seriously more and more, more and more incline to undertakes self-consciously conciously. Although take the parents that the family teachs seriously not quite, to its filial influence also is objective existence. Course of study of female choose of parent two pairs. Wait for a person to conduct oneself in society, the respect such as marriage of gregarious, love has very main effect.
3, complexity. The complexity that % front courtyard teach the home is opposite of at school education character. The family teachs the educational content that did not provide and eductional systme. The family has natural requirement only, have factitious choice hard. Especially the family concerns, it is natural bring up, cannot change.
Of domestic education complexity is to show educational requirement is abhorrent on the other hand, sink “ teachs and often disable, put and cannot bear the predicament of ”% . Zun Lin is right the influence that abandons pair of children has had have bad. From at present the living condition of our country looks, accomplish mother elephantine the first month very hard the fact of 3 change. This formed the complexity that the family teachs.
4, osmotic. Osmotic also can say to affect a gender. What the family teachs is osmotic it is to point to domesticity the element of each respects, can remove the osmosis of exert a subtle influence on to the child.
Domestic education and the oneness that live daily decided domestic economic atmosphere. Atmosphere of the relation between the member, culture, life is consuetudinary. In catching the ground to permeate the child's heart, ear scholar eye goes to the metropolis such as the parent's hobby. Especially thought words and deeds of parents is more deep to the child's influence.
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