Successful family education makes the child healthy grow
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6. Authority. The authority of %E basically points to the authority of consanguineous ethics here. It is a kind of special authority. The parent has the advantage that general pedagogue cannot compare, because there is kin between parents and children,this is, existing the reliance of economy and life concerns. Establish the authority that passes strung in this kind, not only have general educational power, and natively contains colour kissing affection. Authority is having powerful moral quality penitentiary action, it is a kind of invisible education force.
7, specific aim and seasonable sex. As a result of the parental special relationship to children, the child and parental a very short time get along, children has what idea to wish to parental pour. The child falls in natural state, rare wariness, consequently expression of habit of thought style, behavior is gotten the the truest, most sufficient. So, generally speaking, parents is felt very lucidly to the child's nature, disposition. “ knows child not cross father, know female not cross mother ” , showed this. This is the parent seasonable ground, specific aim ground undertakes educational offerringed a condition.
8, long-term sex. The long-term sex that the family teachs, accompany life, teach photograph comparing with the school, have more successional with endurance. The child from be born rise to begin to get domestic education. Although the action measurement of education of different level family is different, but accompanying life from beginning to end. If the family is a kind of democratic type, already became parental person, still often can be taught from inside the child's words and deeds.
9, inheritance. Inheritance also can call continuity. People accepted father ancestors to be taught to his in the family, be brought up in oneself get married after establishing line of business, also teach oneself offspring with same educational content and means, method, with be used to from the idea that influence and educational place accept to form over there father ancestors, behavior, go affecting the offspring that teachs oneself. ” of ” of Home “ wind, “ family property is a specification of inheritance.
The moral character thinking of %6 with the children, teenage to education inheritance that the family teachs and train the person that has special ability, have very important sense. Have the parent of special talent, should bring up domestic building hard the cradle of special talent, train the has special skill and special skill or knowledge precious talented person with nicer more for the society.

Domestic education is a science. It has the macroscopical research that teachs to the family already, have the research that develops the rule to domestic education again; Have academic to domestic education treatise already, have the exploration that handles mastery of a skill or technique actually to domestic education again.

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