Successful family education makes the child healthy grow
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Teach the child 10 societies
Modern society, parents gives the child the biggest best gift nothing is more... than gives the child a perfect character. Let the child grow healthily, be about 10 “ learn church child ” :
Want to learn to bear hardships, do not know hardship now, do not know in the future sweet, teach the self-improvement in child adversity; 2 should learn to create, actually the child does not lack creativity, lack the appreciate to creativity however, the society is created even if the society succeeds; 3 it is institutional love parents, know parental favour; 4 it is institutional care mental health, can accept already praise also can be upset by unkindness, it is coequal and important that this cherishs the body together; 5 it is institutional appreciation other, admire his and admiring another person is narcissism, admire another person and admiring his is self-abased, admiring his to admire another person again already is self-confident; 6 it is institutional self-criticism, self-criticism is not ego denies, however ego is incentive; 7 it is institutional self-study, this becomes independent therefore this; 8 it is institutional ego design, know ego ceaselessly, breakthrough ego; 9 it is institutional humour, humour is the outstanding performance of creativity, also be the fine medicine that reduces life trouble; 10 it is to learn to provide for oneself the life.
5 words say with the parent
The first word: Should encourage forever to the child over blame. The ” of “ ego feeling that notices the child is very important, a person has ” of what kind of “ ego feeling to be able to become what kind of person;
The 2nd word: The parent should have adjusted his state of mind, not too urgent, have gentle state of mind, ability is thought up and use the most appropriate family education method, ability is affected and also develop healthy disposition of the child;
The 3rd word: Give the child a bit patience more, listen to the child to say more. The child says without the word to the parent now, because the parent did not give the child enough patience and time,be, fail “ sympathize him ” the child;
The 4th word: Do not look down upon the character and morals to the child to teach, entering again good school also is not a purpose, successful obtain employment and lifelong and happy ability are a purpose, the attention develops the child's quality and style, include adolescent education;
The 5th word: Create a good study atmosphere to the child. Want quiet, have read atmosphere, want to become the consideration with due around of good child exam.

L, comprehensive sex. The comprehensive sex that the family teachs shows the school teachs a canal, domestic education wants a canal; School education no matter, domestic education also wants a canal. 2 be to show social education wants to finish, domestic education must be finished, social education touchs not of 5, the family teachs there is no shirking the responsibility. Give birth to the child to wait for example. Anyhow, the content that domestic education involves wants to be gotten extensively than school education much. 3 it is sex of the member that show those who share staff is complete. Want to have a family only, want to have the child only, must assume the responsibility that has educational children, what the family that finish teachs is compulsory.
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