Random parent of main forces of summer vacation family education is polished eye
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On August 7, 2007
During summer vacation, many students began to work career, among them family education of great majority favour one duty. The “ that faces so much chooses teacher ” fully, the leeway that parents choose for children appears a few more, but among them also the people of a certain kind that hard to avoid has fish in troubled waters, remind the many heart when the parent asks family education.

The market of “ family education of place of transient victory square discovers the reporter when ” yesterday, one lady just stops a wait-and-see, word did not say, many “ student ” are surrounded actively go up inquiry, a few people recommend him to the utmost to that lady simultaneously, nevertheless this lady looks also is not to experience this manner for the first time, not lukewarm not igneous ground asks on a few, next collect one pile scrip went away, say to come home to look carefully.

The reporter interviewed this Ms. Zhao subsequently, why to ask to did not choose a pupil teacher to come home on the spot try tell? Ms. Zhao expresses, choose family education ten million discreet, once had eaten such deficient —— to choose a family education to give child take lessons after school English casually, the first “ tries lecture ” to be told very outstandingly, employed so. But time grows ability discovery, its English a copy kept as a record goes far from, the question that occasionally the child raises is not solved at all. Ask to just know to family education market later, a lot of small family education study result in class flatly, but want to earn bit of pin money in holiday again, make up the major that parents of a student prefer so, main forces of interfuse family education makes up the number. “ fault chooses teaching in home, wasted money or bagatelle, affected the plan that the child revises and efficiency, thed loss outweights the gain a bit. ”

Reporter with respect to be related of disorder of family education main forces, interviewed partial teaching staff, it is good that they suggest the parent asks ” of “ student family education or discreet dot for the child, because staff of family education market is more miscellaneous, and the “ identification ” that the parent still leafs through family education rarely, pick wrong person very easily. Warn the parent, ten million cannot sheet sees “ try tell ” , usually, no matter be whose metropolis,prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan this “ head hammer and tongs ” start shooting, but as to afterwards bad to said. The parent should understand the relevant situation of family education from many sided as far as possible, come home please again not late also.