Most probably child summer vacation time is walked into groom class
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Is your child getting on “ what class? The effect how? During ” summer vacation, send groom on the child the class became the popular topic between the parent, a few parents not hesitate floriferous money, gave the child to sign up for 45 to groom class, want to let homework of child take lessons after school already, want to learn specialty again, still want to let the child improve the health. Have a holiday from the school the child that come out, swarm into entirely again almost groom sundrily class. How many child to have after all going up groom class? Bureau of the education that occupy town concerns personage estimation, have at present close most probably the child is going up of all kinds groom class.

Community investigation

Street of our city old barback does the one community austral peach to hold speech contest, original come to an agreement or understanding has 12 children attend, but 5 children are only present that day, should ask etc the child, just know to go up coach class. Race site, children pour bitter water greatly to the reporter.

The elementary school on Liu Yajing 5 grade, she tells a reporter, she must go to midday of every the world coach the Chinese on the class and maths, go up in the morning every Saturday English, only weekday can rest. The Wang Shihui of 5 grade tells a reporter, she should go up in the morning everyday to on Saturday from on Monday abstruse number and composition, zhou Yi, Zhousan and weekday want to attend English class afternoon, zhou San learns a two-stinted bowed instrument with a lower register than Jingo in the evening, attend calligraphy class in the evening with weekday Saturday.

The reporter enquired 3 bridges street handles the holiday arrangement with 25 unripe middle and primary school that build boreal region community randomly, have 22 children actually among them going up to groom variously class. Do not attend groom in 3 children of the class, a boy has a holiday the little brother should be attended in the home; The parent of another girl says, do not want to force she learns too much thing; Still a boy of 15 years old plans to go out to travel.

Grow 3 times

Draw near everyday midday 12 when, if flush from Children's Palace like tidewater,the child that finish class is met. According to introducing, there is aeromodelling, dancing, English, mental arithmetic, go, brushwork here, act art, chair etc 40 many groom course, holiday has not arrived, the parent signs up, the parent that will sign up to the front of now still in an endless stream. Some parents signed up for 34 course at the same time for the child at a draught, had added up hundreds of yuan, but the interest to rear the child, parents express to be willing to draw out this money. Children's Palace a dancing grooms the teacher of the class tells a reporter: During “ summer vacation, we groom the baby that the center recruits is more than wanting at ordinary times give 3 times. ”
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