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Big 2 students Li Hua makes teaching in home last summer, earned on 1000 yuan. Fiercer than him is, big two 3 students Liu Li and his companions used 30 days of time only last year, his income exceeds 10 thousand yuan. Summer vacation began again this year, last year the person such as the Liu Li of savor benefit, begin to go all out again grab the summer vacation family education this year to groom the market.

“ begins from 2003, the ‘ that many student proper motion establish family education to groom is careless station team ’ , groom normally to us the impact of the company is very big. ” grooms the controller of the school is not normal family education to groom for what appear a few this years in crows the class feels anxiety.

Summer vacation time grooms · market

The undergraduate joined competitive procession

The Liu master that toes step on 3 rounds in Peng Zhou all the year round notices, these days outside school gate of old quarter of Xi Hua university abrupt and lively rise. Then, he and a few places that travel together to will take a settle or live in a strange place in succession transferred school gate of Xi Hua university to be in. “ is annual this moment, a lot of parents can take baby to come here look for summer vacation to make up a missed lesson class. Of tricycle of this pair of our pedal for, it is an opportunity that earn money. ” Liu master says.

Begin from 2003, peng Zhou appeared the teaching in home of summer vacation time that first undergraduate runs grooms class dot signing up, the place is set outside school gate of old quarter of Xi Hua university. Subsequently, more undergraduates realised among them business chance, join competitive procession in succession. And outside school gate of Xi Hua university, one when also became family education of summer vacation time to groom secures place signing up. “ this year, impetus of this one competition will be more intense. ” grooms class chief says.

Be in 7 days morning 10 when, on the footpath outside school gate of Xi Hua university, about 50 meters of far distances with respect to the assemble many 10 summer vacation time groom the recruit students dot of the class. Each groom the person make preparations of the class busy to wander the volunteer one's services of a few parents of meantime, whole scene is very lively. Liu Li and the “ Yuan Hang that two companions organize groom central ” dot signing up, set in most stand by a school gate locally.

“ recruit students begins two days, already 70 people sign up. ” Liu Li will sign up for register approvingly to be put on the desk, stand up to report ” of “ results of battle to the companion next.

Last year, the teaching in home of “ summer vacation time that Liu Li runs grooms central ” is inside a month, in all recruit students 160 people, every learn unripe average cost 200 multivariate, gross income exceeds 30 thousand yuan, after eliminate teacher pay, field hires the cost such as gold, liu Li and additionally two the companion's net income exceeded 10 thousand yuan. Liu Li estimates, their gain can exceed greatly this year last year.
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