The Yo of mouth of name of short for Zhejiang Province classics
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  Science of society of Zhejiang province philosophy popularizes big begin lecturing of short for Zhejiang Province of ” of week “ humanitarian forum, person of give a lecture is rich of Zhejiang university College of the Humanities guides yesterday, by university of Yu Wei Zhejiang one of 4 names mouths Professor Yu Xiaofeng.
Hit old K to make mathematical contest champion

My child just got on “ elementary school have to the champion of mathematical contest. The maths that how learns? Hit old K to be hit! ” is on the humanitarian forum yesterday, more than professor still spoke of fundamental education.

More than professor says, the key of study depends on interest, wanting a student to think to learn only is a kind of joy did not learn then won't thing. More than professor develops the interest that child logarithm learns so: Just began to teach the child to calculate he is accompanied to hit old K everyday when adding subtration, and let him intentionally win, result child is right arithmetical more and more have fun at. To can hit very old K, development arrives to calculate many mathematical problem everyday. Champion of “ maths contest is fostered so simply namely! ”

The child learns Chinese one day to build 3

Respecting Chinese is fostered, more than professor is helpless very. Teacher of a lot of Chinese knows to let the child note term of new word, back only now, a word punishs clerical error a few times. But more than professor thinks to learn the method with best Chinese actually is sentence-making. But present Chinese teacher lets child sentence-making rarely, because,this is if a child makes 3 sentences, by a class 60 people calculate, this teacher is about to approve 180 sentences in the evening!