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“ coachs a month, how many minutes can the mark of my child rise? ” is in family education double anthology on the meeting, ground of parent come straight to the point asks a few teachers. Almost all parents are searching elementary school the teacher of each family teaching in home to high school, and the interest class such as calligraphy, art, aeromodelling, go is bright however somebody make inquires. Look for family education to be the mark that increases the child only? Advocate quality education in the country today, why eye of so much parent still is staring at the child's mark only? Is quality taught with should try educational extreme misery to not allow?

To this, nanning city teachs Yang Chuncheng of division institute assistant director to express, should trying education and quality education is not contrary, both can be united in wedlock completely rise. And as the parent, exist on the educational issue that handles the child many errors, asking family education respect also is same, a few parents think child result is bad to looked for a family education to come to an end, in fact, the idea that parent oneself establishs scientific Yo person is very main to the child!

Search teaching in home, or around should try turn

12 days of evening, the family education of summer vacation “ that our newspaper sponsors double choose meeting ” to go up, the hot occasion photograph before be being nodded with discipline family education is compared, a few Mr. “ ” that sit before interest class seeks advice from a dot have trifling disappointment. Mr Chen is an emeritus calligraphy teacher, he brought a lot of his calligraphy work in the evening that day, after he says he is emeritus, often go socially interest class teachs calligraphy, also wrote spring festival scrolls for others 30 old, this wanting that be in that evening “ double anthology ” of child of a few “ can close on ” , discover parents are pulling the child to embrace course to make up a missed lesson completely however advisory dot went. Another surname old the gentleman is Guangxi artist academician, also brought many art work, can be bright somebody likewise make inquires, plan to popularize go knowledge formerly not gentleman, dull flat oneself saw chess manual.

Across, before high school family education is nodded, elementary school arrives is lively picture another however. Before the pleasant teacher that teachs high school maths in, taking a son to seek advice to parents, although the make a price of pleasant teacher is not low, a hour of family education should receive 60 yuan, but the parent does not have a price however too put on the heart, also did not ask the teacher develops a few concepts of the student, enquire ceaselessly however short-term inside coach the effect: The maths of “ my child takes an examination of 40 minutes commonly, how much can you raise? ” its pressing mood is in overtones.

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