Be opposite opportunely the child " dining-room excitement disease "
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The rich cooked food on table, can grab the child's attention far from, his rich to those nutrition vegetable, fruit and flesh do not have any interest, he gazes around a little while, suck finger with pleasure a little while, can give out a wolf a little while the cry of ” of Ao of same “ Ao, one capture wanders one time everywhere even to the opportunity, sit won't darlingly namely anyway cram oneself with food. Face such darling, how should you do?
Although know that bub arrives in dining-room,can make a spectacle of oneself you, make trouble to you, but you avoid completely impossibly to take him to go out repast. And, the expert also thinks: In teaching child civilization bearing this long-term course, go out repast is an indispensable homework. This society that does not absolve the child because of your fear so carries out an activity. The child is not exclusive a need study how the person of repast, adult is same also, after having the child, will no longer that kind of carefree ground enjoys cate in dining-room, should learn how to help the child taking a toy, protect the child, pay close attention to the child to have a meal quietly.

But this also is not meant go out to have a meal every time you want be ready in take action, always focus attention on child body, want to prepare somewhat beforehand only, you can enjoy cate hour completely to the top of one's bent. Come! Let us look how to should be done together!

We are offerred for you here can make the child happy, also can let 5 the person that dines jointly's happy strategy.

1, choose pair of places.

A lot of moment, the time that the dining hall that you choose and you arrive at decided this repast can end happily. Escape repast height, choosing to be not high-grade dining-room is the most well-advised. Such not only dining-room service is quick, and clerk or what the person of repast also won't cause because of the child is trifling and confused and the heart is unripe unhappy.

How can you be the first times so know oneself chose to manage the restaurant that suits cheeper repast? Want to see the clerk's attitude above all, seeing them is to the child the smile still shrinks back, if she still gives the child a bag of paintbrush, you can decide here welcomes children for certain completely. You also can examine other condition, what for instance they go up to child shop is not the cushion that antependium suits child conveniently doodle however, restaurant stock chair of food of a children, return stock children menu even, and aquarium or automatic phonograph. These have domestic atmosphere decorate can let the child suit immediately, be full of safe feeling. He won't because fear or incommensurate and feel restless, perhaps began to cry.

2, avoid to await for long.

The mood of the child when although be in,just entering dining room very happy and extraordinary cooperation, but believe this kind of circumstance cannot be maintained how long. Grow more in the time of dining-room, the probability that states “ catastrophic ” happens is higher. So, go out every time a regulation had better follow when repast: Call beforehand book, let dining-room have good desk and chair orders good meal first, arrive when you over there when everything is ready, half hour can eat to leave.
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