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How to rear the child the spirit of free-standing, self-improvement, it is the problem that school place should study and solves not only, also be the major task that parents face. A few practices of the foreign country are worth to we are drawn lessons from well and learn.
Domestic education of the United States is full of the pioneering spirit, factitious jumping-off place that can make an earn one's own living in order to rear the child. Parents adopts a variety of methods in one's childhood from the child, let them realize the value of labor, let him child start work for instance assemble a bicycle, repair small home appliance, do simple and easy woodworking, plaster room, to compulsory labor attends to wait a moment outside. Even if rich parents, also pay attention to the capacity that has seeking means of livilihood oneself to the child to teach very.

A few cities establish American south the ability that the middle school lives to foster a student to get used to a society independently, return special provision: The student must not take a single cent or penny, fend independently a week just allows graduation. The catchword of American high school student is: “ should spend money, oneself are earned! ” no matter the economic atmosphere in the home how, the court that the child has to give father and mother later in 12 years old cuts grass, send a telegram to others, in order to exchange some of pin money. A few families still ask the child goes out when miscellaneous labour, if summer replaces a person to push mower, the autumn helps a person sweep deciduous leaf, side other people shovels firn to wait in the winter. American parents often say, want to be helpful for developing the ability that the child fends only, make they take again much pain worth while also. If parents is doting the child, it is the worst thing.

Japan teachs the child to have a famous remark: Besides air and sunshine be nature bestow, everything of the others wants to be obtained through labor ability. In this one idea guidance falls, while a lot of Japan parents are teaching the child to learn a homework, ask they use after school time to do the chore of some of in one's power, work to the outside earn money.

In Japanese undergraduate, of part-work and part-study system very general. They rely on in restaurant to carry tray, wash a bowl, in shop sell goods, become tutor, accompany protect an old person to wait, earn oneself tuition. The child very hour, parents are about to engraft to them a kind of thought: “ does not give others incommode. ” family person goes out journey, no matter how small child, want to carry a satchel on the back without an other place. Parents says: “ the thing that this is themselves, should him back. ” anyhow, foster integrated quality of the child, rear the child provide for oneself ability and self-improvement spirit, it is the essential jumping-off place of Japanese parents.

Swiss parents makes incompetent people of a certain kind to do not let the child, emphasize the drive that develops child support oneself by one's own labor as a child. For example, girl of 967 years old, junior high school graduates to be sent the servant that a cultured someone goes becoming one year or so, work in the morning, go to school afternoon. They are done so, can learn the way that fends independently on one hand, still be helpful for learning a language on the other hand. Because Switzerland is the country of many language, have the area that speaks native land language already, also have the area that says German and French. So, the girl of area of a language goes to the family of another language area normally when servant, still child of quite a few is sent British family when servant. After mastering 3 languages when them, can go to a bank waiting for a branch to assume office. Long-term support parents passes the person that parasitism lives, be considered as to do not have prospect and disgraceful.
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