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Summer vacation arrived immediately, serve as the parent whether can you put a person's mind to give the child a large sum of pin money? How should children deal with this pin money? Parents hopes his children can pass on food and clothing not the rich life of anxious, their try every means creates advantageous corporeal condition to the child, but result classics commonplace and wish to violate. Expert of conduct financial transactions thinks, conduct financial transactions of church child independence is more significant than giving one of your writing money directly, the parent should be in summer vacation when the “ of money business education that gives the child makes up a missed lesson ” .

Leading role

Chaos of child of 0 money business spends money

Small tiger: Too consumption of “ high-grade ”

Birthday that day, the birthday case gift that small tiger receives whole class classmate to send 2700 multivariate, he bought a pair to look forward to long already famous brand sneaker to oneself, 2000 yuan when still remain asked whole class classmate to eat feed meal to big public house of 5 stars class.

Small quick: Steal fund pocket money from the home

Begin from nursery school, small quick ever came home toy area of the child secretly.

Go up after elementary school, the pin money that father mother gives in the morning, small quick beautiful afternoon light, when doing not have pin money, small quick borrow with the classmate. She begins to steal money from the home with nonsked ground regularly, still be even in the Internet bar associate with a group of “ is small mix mix ” .

Sai Qi: Won't independent consumption

Sai Qi is a poppet, want to eat what mom what to buy at ordinary times, want what father what to buy, he wants the absorption study that went only. After attending a college, accompany him to dare not go into the street without the classmate shop, he won't bargain, what bought thing often compares others is expensive. The living cost that parents sends often lunar head still has, lunar tail is about to lend money with others.

Raise action

Education of conduct financial transactions and two tactics of educational deposit “ are caught”

Way one: Education “ has put ability to have”

Expert of conduct financial transactions suggests, the bank on domestic strip child or when the ATM takes money, can teach the child randomly, because parental hardship makes money to be deposited first,money can be being taken in bank or ATM is over, the ability when need is used puts forward, letting the child understand money is not continuous or reap without sowing. Let the child understand “ to want ” and “ to be able to get the difference between ” , dominate oneself desire.

The parent should train the child to treat ” of “ pocket money correctly. Above all, parents must develop the habit of child charge to an account, specific and OK design watch of a simple income and expenses, teach the child the record everyday income and expenses, fixed self-criticism, should notice at the same time from by assist child nurturance to spend money well manner. Additional, the economy that can steer the child to build “ to share ” is watched, ferial and OK the topic for discussion with show loving care for a society serious together with the child, see for example when incident of children sufferring cruel covers, can teach randomly, make the child clear still have a lot of children that need a help socially, guide the child to be able to use the one part of pocket money at mixing to help others.
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