Teach new rule " fire " family education
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Dispatch of city of our newspaper heart (Zheng Naichun of reporter of learn on job) cancel to study by oneself in scheduled time late, double cease day rests, teach new rule to also arouse the extensive controversy of social all circles while for the student solution is pressed. Some parents are oppugned, present social competition is more and more intense, so much breathing space, can you affect the student's result? In the meantime, taught new rule to make a provision to the teacher again, forbidden its are done in outside school paid family education, coach class. Then, many parents will coach appropriate person selected of the child takes aim to college undergraduate.
Heart the city zone Mr Zhang says some office unit, before paragraph time child is in the school to inform the parent makes up a missed lesson no longer. The child goes up nowadays first 2, learn the job at ordinary times very heavy, study by oneself in scheduled time late with must arriving on overnight on school, still feel the child is painstaking in those days, but did not attend class suddenly now on Saturday, still do not know to should let the child what do really. “ should be taken an examination of immediately learned, if or else seeks a family education, be afraid that he cannot be caught up with really. Mr ” Mr Zhang says anxiety-riddenly.
The reporter understands, fulfil as what teach new rule, a few parents had begun to search teaching in home for the child, this as it happens was those who seek a part-time job to offer very good opportunity in school undergraduate. Family education searchs to hold out difficulty before “ , elder sister of my division of senior fellow apprentice often a few people are holding a brand in both hands to search in doorway of Xin Huashu inn, occasionally a few months cannot find in succession. Institute of ” heart state tells a reporter 2 English departments are small pieces greatly, “ came on stage to teach new regulation this year, oneself are holding the thought that have a try in the arms to want to seek a family education, do not have a few days to still find really. Basically be to teach the child of a 6 grade to learn English, a hour 20 yuan of money. The classmate beside me has 1/5 about now doing family education ” .

The reporter in interviewing returns discovery, the student of English and manage engineering course is at present more welcome when seeking family education, especially the student with good spoken English is more popular, treatment is favorable also, a hour can income is controlled 30 yuan. Relevant education personage is analysed, as a series of education of new rule come on stage in succession, family education market will be more and more prosperous, this pair is in school undergraduate is an interest good news undoubtedly