Ministry of Education admits college enlarge action was brought about too urgent
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This morning, ministry of Education expresses first on the news briefing, large-scale enlarge enrols the countrywide college that decided 1999 too hurried. It is reported, college enlarge will enrol pace to will put delay henceforth, next year enlarge enrols extent to will not exceed 4% , the year after next does not exceed 3% .

Development plans to manage vice director Song Demin introduces, countrywide college enlarge was enrolled 1999 48% , among them, dimensions of recruit students of countrywide average college enlarges 1.59 million person from the 1.08 million person 1998.

Before the decision that enrols in large-scale enlarge comes on stage, originally already an enlarge enrols a plan, increase spread namely average college 220 thousand person, but base oneself upon of the State Council the overall situation at modernization, science and technology and society develop phasic change, those who made “ enlarge ” of higher education dimensions is great and decision-making.

But another some of problem that causes from this is following one by one also: The auxiliary sex policy that enlarges dimensions and measure do not follow to go up, the tie of school teacher and student and living conditions becomes a college to stabilize the new element of the problem; Because enlarge action causes school promote or education condition drops and a few schools bring about the coast of education quality; The obtain employment difficult position that creates college graduate.

Why should be in those days draw near the university entrance exam when dear make such major decision, on the foundation that enrols 220 thousand person in original plan enlarge, add 230 thousand much person even, make total dimensions of recruit students of orgnaization of of all kinds higher education exceeds 2.7 million person? Why be in those days speed of progress of our country economy is surely 7% when, does speed of higher education development want from in the past average year increase by degrees 9% raise 40% above?

The expert thinks, it is macroscopical society demand, 2 it is to solve economic dilemma, 3 it is to walk out of “ to should try educational ” to blame a group. The decision-making process of enlarge action policy appears it seems that very short, come on stage very brash, but, as early as this close together and pertinent a lot of question had been the policy issue that decision-making branch studies educational director branch and government integratedly. Of this one policy publishing both neither is an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors, also not be be seized by a whim. Look from the near future, it implements one of measure of vigorous finance policy as our country, make the one part in strategy of political economy overall situation, it is education what suit actively is direct reflect; Look from deep administrative levels, macroscopical setting of it and current our country is having close connection, it is the external demand that our country economy can grow continuously and the inevitable report that cross century education to get used to the whole world to change.
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