The careless mistake of nobel prize
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Choose a fault the nobel prize that rewards a project

Einstein discovers photoemission

1921, nobel prize committee says in announcement, because Einstein discovered photoemission, so the decision awards him the physics prize of this year. A lot of scientists think, the scientific import of photoemission cannot place on a par with the theory of relativity. Accordingly, scientists think, not be Einstein insufficient case, however nobel prize committee chooses a fault promotive project.

1938, nobel prize committee is announced, be based on a proof to produce new radioelement to award Fermi nobel prize via neutron bombard. Argumentative focus does not depend on Fermi whether should winning a prize, and depend on choosing which achievement to regard award a prize as the basis likewise. Fermi is the scientist with 20 prominent centuries, contribution is many sided. To this, him Fermi is dissatisfactory also. In prize-giving speech, he pointed out the place with him cannot work: Haen discovers with Sitelasi, in disintegration process, the barium that radioactivity uranium produces, must know transuranic element afresh from this. Study new element research and nucleus reaction to should make the argument of Fermi bear the palm together, apparent misgivings.

Brownian movement of research of Si Weibai case

To Siweibaige's award, also be the person that run doubtful point much. 1926, nobel prize committee awards him chemical prize, in order to be sure he studies the achievement of the respect in Brownian movement. But, in prize-giving ceremonially, when Siweibaige makes a speech, one also did not allude Brownian movement research. Numerous scientist thinks, siweibaige about Brownian movement the viewpoint that is a kind of vibration, not acceptability. The biggest gain in his scientific contribution was to invent overspeed centrifugal. This machinery is the crucial equipment of contemporary element biology, produced major effect to molecular biology.

Division conspicuous treats tuberculosis

1905, nobel physiological or medical award awards Germany great doctor division conspicuous. In world biology academia, to choosing the research achievement award a prize of tuberculosis, a lot of person dissent. 1876, division conspicuous discovered the cause of disease of anthrax disease; 1882, division conspicuous discovered n/med tuberculosis bug; 1884, he affirmed choleraic bacteria again; 1896, he is in south Africa conquer foot-and-mouth disease; Went to Italy to inspect children malaria to wait a moment 1898. This shows, this physician is treating contagion field really exploit is distinguished. But, as the scientist, the contribution of division conspicuous is the contagion such as remedial tuberculosis not only, however establish contemporary bacteriological method, apparent, the principle of the affirms a bacteria method that he founds, affirmatory pathogeny considers to want to weigh good than tuberculosis much. Accordingly, awarding Kehenuobeier prize is correct undoubtedly, but the scientific contribution that choice tuberculosis studies to serve as bear the palm is improper.
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