It is difficult that Jiangsu the university entrance exam changes student of 5 k
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“3 is big integrated”

This mode needs in reservation Chinese, maths, English the premise that studies subject falls 3 times, another two are in politics, history, geographical, physics, chemical, biology chooses freely in 6 classes, among them a “1” is to enter oneself for an examination the college appoints anthology study subject, another student can be mixed according to his interest specialty is free. Such mode broke family of cent of unity and coherence in writing, the student can cross division of unity and coherence in writing to choose division, share 15 kinds of combination to be able to choose.

2003 - 2007

“3 1 1”


Level of 3 school work checks integrated quality evaluation

The plan of the university entrance exam of Jiangsu is medium 2008, all takes an examination of course to have 3 only, namely Chinese, maths, foreign language, total cent has 480 to divide only (contain 40 minutes of add component) , be in at the same time usually, the mandatory headings in an account book that the student has school work level checks at second year in high school checks, tall 3 when the headings in an account book of take as an elective course that undertakes school work level checks checks, measure surely, anthology those who measure grade to be able to affect examinee is common kind the college enters oneself for an examination qualification and whether on undergraduate course, whether achieve specific school order and degree to ask to wait.

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