World university learning ranks: Outback name school does not have top-ranking u
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Report from our correspondent ( of 瓅 of reporter Qian Ying) research center of top-ranking university of world of academy of higher education of Shanghai traffic college was released on the net recently learning of “ world university ranked pop chart of 500 strong ” 2008. University of Ha Fo, Stanford, California - before school of name of 3 United States ranks Berkeley 3. Chinese inland shares 18 colleges to enter sheet of 500 strong a list of names posted up, but without one ascend body 100 strong, the rank all is in 200 later.

” of rank of learning of “ world university is the global university rank of much index of world head home, released first 2003, after this is updated every year. Its rank index includes 4 fields: The alumnus amount to that mirrors those who teach quality to win nobel prize and award of phenanthrene Er at present is counted (occupy 10%) ; The wins nobel prize and award of phenanthrene Er at present teacher amount to that reflects pedagogic quality is counted (occupy 20%) and paper of each course domain to be cited to lead highest teacher to count (occupy 20%) ; Reflect scientific research gain " natural " (Nature) and " science " (the paper amount to that publishs on Science) magazine is counted (occupy 20%) and be indexed by scientific quotation (SCIE) and index of social science quotation (the paper that SSCI) collects is counted (occupy 20%) ; And notch by 5 afore-mentioned specific target the sum divides the Shi Junxue art that be counted with full-time teacher and gets to behave.

Sheet of a list of names posted up is born 6 years to come, haing Buddha university sits firmly from beginning to end first an ancient folding chair. In the sheet of a list of names posted up this year, the university of before the rank 20 has 17 to come from the United States, before American college was held even 100 medium half of country. After close therewith is college of England, Japan, the heft in sheet of a list of names posted up also not light. The college of 18 China inland of sheet of ascend body a list of names posted up, the rank all is in 200 later.

Rank ” to study the definition of the group according to learning of “ world university, before the rank 20 university can call ” of “ world top university; Be located in the 21 universities to 100, can call “ world top-ranking university ” . According to this standard, inland still does not have an university to enter the world apparently top-ranking university. Hand in big researcher to pass universities of pair of our country famous brand the world rank of domain of each college division and academic index undertake an analysis, the scientific research that discovers outback college science department and engineering course yields although dimensions is bigger, but scale of high quality paper is inferior, at the same time Great Master of learning of devoid international class is mixed great achieve positive result formerly. The school of domestic traditional name such as Tsinghua, Beijing University, although SCI paper already exceeded 2000, with the rank the 21 SCI paper amounts that reach 100 universities comparative, but the academic index data that represents the original research that achieve a gender is very not good, affect its finally to rank.
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