The student will face all sorts of failure Tsinghua education of setback of pilo
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On October 10, tsinghua university announces new student of class of the “2008 that start guides bring project ” . “ new student guides bring project ” from 2008 start in new student of enter a school, the choice class of 1/3 new student is made pilot. The teacher will give a student ” of certain “ setback education, make a new student objective know his.

According to introducing, this project is to give a new student to suit what university study lives is technical directive, setback and self-confident heart education, build close teachers and students to contact. The project hires a batch to the thought teachs working experience and enthusiastic teacher through choosing, include backbone of learning of the youth in be being mixed from retired teacher to wait for group of compositive project tutor, his guidance restricts 10 new lives. All sorts of exams that after the setback teachs content to include enter a school of the setback that successful personage ever had experienced, student, will face fail