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Just termed begins, wuhan city east lake middle school gives birth to small Lei high anew (alias) the maths that gets —— of 3 new books to teach a committee of science and technology to write by Wuhan city, physics, chemistry joins chrestomathy. The hand holds the material of tens of every pages in both hands, the whisper made in small Lei heart, since “ has this, what does the thing of the middle school have to use first? ”

This year autumn, school of high school of Wuhan whole town enables high school maths, physics, chemistry to join chrestomathy, content is the need that presses high school course the put in order that science of junior high school the class involves is changed and division of mathematical knowledge cent undertakes conformity induces. These 3 join the child that chrestomathy is reform of Wuhan city scientific tax. Refer is reformed this, very much person used “ walking hard ” one word. 4 years ago, wuhan begins to try scientific curriculum reform, syncretic of will original physics, chemical, biology, geographical quadrivium. After 4 years, in sound of a controversy, cry in stopping voice, school of Wuhan much maths begins to divide family education.

“ actually, director branch divides family education means to acquiesce already to each school, this means the scientific tax that already carried out 4 years in the our city actually already exist in name only. An official accepts bureau of ” Wuhan education before this when media is interviewed, say so.

4 years the class changes scientific subject “ to close long divide surely”

“ in former years has begun to go up to the new student at this moment tall one new tax, now year, the school can make up a missed lesson to them only ” , mr. Cheng Qiming introduces lake middle school east, the teaching material of junior high school that visits other area with Hubei is different, what Wuhan city uses is integrated scientific subject teaching material. As a result of knowledge not system, after entering high school, the school must make up a missed lesson alone to the student of Wuhan city.

September 2004, wuhan city from one grade offers scientific course first, will original physics, chemical, biology, geographical division closes 4 for one. Opened original intention is, the dug that arouses a student is enthusiastic, foster them to get intellectual ability by oneself, “ lets the child think euqally like the scientist, is not blindly for the mark study ” .

But because force of persons qualified to teach, teaching material weaves,wait for a problem, the school and student are incommensurate this new integrated course, a lot of schools undertake science and education learns dividing secretly.

In June 2007, wuhan science course first in one's deceased father, many examinee discover with the teacher, science coils flavour of ” of “ assorted cold dishes is grumous, need examinee combines the amount that inscribe a problem with the put together that crosses domain knowledge to solve a problem not quite, many intellectual dots are only even in old edition teaching material ability is found.
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