Qian Yongjian of chemist of American foreign citizen of Chinese origin and two b
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Qian Yongjian of chemist of foreign citizen of Chinese origin of the hall brother's son of the father Qian Xuesen of Chinese missile, United States

The village below scientist of day descendants United States is repaired (Osamu Shimomura)

American scientist Martin Chalfie

In report reported new net integratedly on October 8, sweden is royal committee of nobel prize of academy of sciences local time on October 8 11 when control 45 minutes (Beijing time on October 8 17 when control 45 minutes) announce, chemistry of 2008 year Nobel award awards scientist of day of descendants United States to issue a village to repair (Martin Chalfie of scientist of Osamu Shimomura) , United States, and Qian Yongjian of scientist of American foreign citizen of Chinese origin. They 3 people in discovery respect of green fluorescence albumen makes outstanding success.

Next villages are repaired and Martin Chalfie is born in respectively mixed 1928 1947.

Qian Yongjian is chemist of foreign citizen of Chinese origin, was born in new York 1952, it is academician of academician of American academy of sciences, college of medicine now, two departments teach chemistry of school of cent of dagger of alternate of emperor of American California university and pharmacological, the hall brother's son of Qian Xuesen of Chinese famous scientist. His invention is polychromatic technology of mark of albumen of jade-like stone light, bring a revolution for cellular biology and nerve biology development.

They 3 people will share nobel prize gold.

7 days, award awards Nobel physics in discovering subatomic physics, initiative symmetry destroys the southern part of American book scientist that lacks a mechanism Yang Yilang, and discovery defeats the Japanese scientist that is short of origin about symmetry He Yichuan of small Lin Cheng quick flower.

6 days, nobel physiological or medical award is announced, because 3 scientists that come from France and Germany discover the virus that causes AIDS and palace neck cancer shares this award. The virus of tumour of person tit shape that this 3 people part to cause palace neck cancer for discovery (the German Halaerde of HPV) • of • Chu Er dark of a person of extraordinary powers, and the French that discovers AIDS virus nots Ba Er of • of made of baked clay silk of bright all alone - Xinuoxi and Meng Dani of Lv Ke • .

According to the tradition, nobel prize prize-giving ceremony will be held on December 10 this year 2008. Except peaceful prize prize-giving ceremony is held in Norwegian capital Oslo beyond, physiological or medical award, physics award, chemical award, literature award and economics award will be held in Swedish capital Stockholm. Every bonus still is nobel prize this year Ke Lang of 10 million Sweden (add up to) of 1.4 million dollar about.
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