Global university ranks Ha Fo to gain the championship again pelt of Beijing Uni
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In what electric basis announced new network 8 days on October 9 is newest " < peaceful interview person newspaper > 2008 whole worlds of higher education —— are top university pop chart " , school of American ivy name breaths out Buddha university to continue to hold a title the whole world is optimal university, the Yale is ranked the 2nd, before 50 top universities are in the majority with American university, asian area includes Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Korea to have a list of names posted up on the university.

This investigation is undertake the 5th year, undertake by QuacquarelliSymonds (QS) company the data gleans investigation, number of the research according to each university, teaching and administrative staff, international is famous degree, education quality undertake judging waiting with the analysis.

According to “ central company ” reports, the rank of before surveying pair of whole worlds 20 optimal universities is respectively: University of university of university of state of university of university of institute of empire of technical institute of university of the university that breath out Buddha, Yale, Cambridge, Oxford, California, London, London, Chicago university, Masschusetts Institute of Technology, Colombia, guest, Princeton, Du Ke and Yaohanhuopujinsi, university of university of health like this, Australia state-maintaineding university, Shi Dan Buddha, Mixigen university of Er of university, Tokyo university, Ma Ji.

Resided second Cambridge university and Oxford with the Yale last year, drop respectively this year the 3rd with the 4th; Princeton university drops to the dozenth name this year by the 6th of last year; University of health like this rises the 15th of this year by the 20th of last year; School of cent of world of Su Li of Swiss federal technical institute by the 42nd of last year, jump rise the 24th of this year, progress is striking.

In attending the Asian college of a list of names posted up, rank with Tokyo university of Japan the 19th, achievement is optimal, kyoto university is ranked the 25th, hong Kong university by the 18th of last year, drop the 26th, singapore state-maintaineding university by the thirtieth last year 3, progress arrives the thirtieth this year; The university of Hong Kong science and technology of before be being entered first 50 large pop chart from last year fiftieth 3 progress considerably thirtieth 9.

Chinese Beijing University by the thirtieth last year 6, slide considerably fiftieth name, with state-maintained the university lists an Er together fiftieth name.

Advanced 50 macrocosm are optimal in the university, the university that shares 13 countries publishs pop chart, amount prep above 12 countries last year, the college that enters a list of names posted up newly includes: University of Hong Kong science and technology, Copenhagen university, Dublin is technical institute of federal of mulberry of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of 31 institutes, Switzerland, national an Er university.
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