Tender father of Li Lianjie loves unyielding man
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After Huang Qiuyan and Li Lianjie divorce, first when wash a face with the tear, be determined after free-standing self-improvement, 1992, she returns Beijing to give two daughters maternal Zhang Fenglan of many years old 70 takes care of Li Lianjie, career of him determination open up the 2nd spring. Huang Qiuyan is to reappear first tapped acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance of a few Hong Kong piece, but mirror flatly. Later master from Zheng Mingming grind hairdressing makes up, in the United States san Francisco opened a beauty parlour later.

See one's own parents hard all the year round to the daughter

As a result of parental body overseas, the career is busy, so this also does not see one side of one's own parents to daughter throughout the year. And the kin that occupies Li Lianjie tells: Li Lianjie is too busy, also receive a telephone call that is less than him one year almost.

Current, 2000 gold of Li Lianjie already went up first 2. As we have learned, these two girls were not in what noble school, is the school that has been in only, their study result is very good, grow very beautifully also, get along very well with the aunt that takes care of them and uncle, disposition is more indrawn and gentle and quiet.

By last year, li Lianjie comes to Beijing to attend " hero " premiere, they and uncle aunts also went to people congress hall, look at father aloof, feel proud for father. That Li Lianjie did not come home, just be in the fete before be being faced two family person and his daughters.

In July 2000, the maternal misfortune that Li Lianjie worked hard all one's life suffers from cancer to die of illness. Filming in France at that time " Long Zhi is kissed " Li Lianjie asks for leave 5 days, go back to the motherland hasten home for the funeral of a parent or grandparent, for maternal see sb off, two wives of Li Lianjie- - Huang Qiuyan He Lizhi did not come attend plum the mother's funeral.

Plum after the mother dies of illness, two daughters Sai Saihe of Li Lianjie liver mosses honey is taken care of by brother elder sister of Li Lianjie, when Singapore media interviews Huang Qiuyan, she expresses: I also plan to receive them to live to the United States, but they are small still, wait for big drop to say again! Can then Li Lianjie have offer to meet two daughters take care of by him? Huang Qiuyan sneers say: I think won't, he is so busy! Occupy Li Lianjie's kin to divulge, although Huang Qiuyan embraces those who have two daughters to raise advantageous position, but she since what give Li Lianjie the child maternal hind also was not sent get along cost, also contact rarely at ordinary times, when just going back to the motherland, see with the child on at the same time.

Elder sister of Home Li brother make much of 2000 gold

Li Lianjie has two elder brothers, two elder sisters, because of the job the accident dies when his father is 32 years old, plum mother alone drag 5 children. Although Li Lianjie shows expensive already for ten million of international giant star, social status, but his brother elder sisters did not develop accordingly abundant rise. His eldest sister is emeritus already, still fill now difference becomes a treasurer; 2 elder sister are director of the living theatre formerly, because the body is bad to recuperate in the home,show, and take care of honey of Sai Saihe liver mosses; Two his elder brothers still are working, another also helps those who take care of Li Lianjie a pair of daughters. Li Lianjie's sister says: Our everybody is in struggle, never want to count the think of a way that the little brother lives.
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