Tender father of Li Lianjie loves unyielding man
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To wife always follow sb's advice

Li Lianjie takes each minutes of money that play place earns, all hand in You Lizhi to keep, in economically let a wife install 100 hearts.

Although Li Zhiceng suffers a defeat because of investing in Shandong Yantai, but, li Lianjie is right she still extraordinary credit, gold is handed in handle by the wife, and be opposite her always follow sb's advice. His friend discloses, li Lianjie most be afraid of is a madam benefit wisdom is not happy.

Li Lianjie suffers when visitting, disclose, his He Lizhi just began to pat 1989 when procrastinating, a lot of people are not valued.

“ but, our feeling is very strong, I to her acceptance, if our affection is changeless after 10 years, I am about and she marries, the husband and wife that does all one's life. ”

‘ The marriage of his He Lizhi, affection has love. Conversely, fizzle out with division elder sister in those days the first paragraph of marriage of Qiu Yan, because know the aunt “ that the life manages to show ” ,be completely, say Huang Qiuyan has flourishing husband to carry, marry to carry to the star with her helpful. But, this paragraph of marriage is deficient in two-way love after all, as a result gets divorce wind up finally.

Recall erst feeling years

On April 26, 1963, be in Beijing, li Lianjie serves as the family's smallest child to be born. He of childhood period, the dress of dress elder sister goes to school, stepping on cloth sock practice martial arts of mom, summer vacation entered study of school of Beijing athletic sports 1971, be on Xiwu's road from now on.

Sea of Beijing assorted Buddhist templeput on the brakes is done obeisance to when Li Lianjie is 7 years old the Wu Bin's coach of athletic sports school is division, assiduous Xi Wu, with door division younger sister Huang Qiuyan and his a very short time get along 20 years, green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse, be innocent playmates. In the day of wushu team, li Lianjie waits for Huang Qiuyan to resemble waiting for other sibling originally same. Patted 1983 " Shaolin Temple " continuation " little Lin Xiaozi " when, the Huang Qiuyan with outside and nimble, charming skill acts heroine 2 phoenix, be in piece in with Li Lianjie conjugate, then the friend inside audience and even not little group thinks they are talking about love by accident.
" little Lin Xiaozi " be Li Lianjie and ex-wife Huang Qiuyan cooperate first. Huang Qiuyan ever said: We practise our skill 20 years, feeling very naturally develops, the life flatly light, very honest, not so romantic, should be together with him only very happy.

Li Lianjie and yellow Qiu Yan ended love long-distance race 1987. 1988, san Francisco of United States of two people immigrant, at the beginning of Li Lianjie when the activity is little, always stay in the home, reappear later pat piece, get together to leave less much. The child is born later, huang Qiuyan takes care of the child to do chore. 1989, as it is said Li Lianjie and benefit wisdom film " Long Zaitian limit " when fall in love at first sight, before long Li Lianjie puts forward to divorce to Huang Qiuyan. 1991, huang Qiuyan agrees to divorce, li Lianjie fizzles out to make up for autumn swallow emotive is traumatic, brought up what major belongings includes building, car and two daughters authority to give entirely Huang Qiuyan.
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