Chen Yi marshal uses poem and child to communicate
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One is written, he feels to still need to enjoin a few again, grind again Chinese ink exhibits paper ———

Pen of paper of late night stroke, below the lamp fine mutter to oneself. Write a few poems again, express feeling of father and son slightly. go relying on the school, take care of winner front courtyard. go relying on an organization, foster your grow upping. All all is at ease, why again urge again and again? It is only year young, logic is still unidentified. Should tell world wide, where does not have wind and cloud. Ying Zhishan water is far, have everywhere rough. It is difficult to should know science, care about an a bit diligent. Especially extremely difficult, exercise moral character pure. People fosters you, everything is people. Revolution is heavy sturdy, always make maxim.

Chen Yi is ferial be extensive to the care of child learning and homework, but once the child's school work is mixed,the life, career connection with future is together, pay close attention to very much not only, and none ambiguous. From Chen Yi friend place of children understands, chen Yi in those days the comprehensive care that out builds a career to China, to him the school work of 4 children and profession have stated tentative idea beforehand, this is: Invite eldest son old Hao Su takes up a political career, let 2 child old Dan Huai makes industry, let 3 child Chen Xiaolu does agriculture, let young daughter Chen Shanshan do foreign affair.  

Sweet teaching in home

Average household always is ” of kind of “ father severe mother, dan Chenyi's family leaves Yan Fu of people “ mother the impression of kind ” however. Strength of Zhang Qian of Mrs. Chen Yi is urgenter, requirement child is more severe also. Have a year, chen Yi's couple goes area of Guangdong wet Shan resting, took young son Chen Xiaolu because of duration winter vacation. Be in one time itinerary later, maternal Zhang Qian offers the composition that Xiao Lu writes to visit type of the feeling after view, the observation ability of this pair of children and writing ability are to take exercise. But Chen Xiaolu is additional to this homework anyway does not wish to accept. In touching Wu, obdurate occasion of the child mom's disposition. Right now, outside Confucianism inside firm Chen Yi persuades a wife to say: “ is told slowly, not anxious, he or child! ” listens the man says so, zhang Qian's internal heat changes marital body at a draught: “ is you, ferial bestow favor on him, he did not agree one sentence to listen now! ” Chen Yi has some of angrily: “ is good, good, I no matter! Really indescribable! The conflict of ” parents makes Chen Xiaolu is touched, that evening he cannot enter Mian, pen of all night act vigorously, evicted a composition. The article terribly that his work energetically composes is considerable, after parents looks, revealed gratified expression.

In wide ” of Yan Fu of mother of the “ on education, chen Shanshan also has experience. When the elementary school on her, not only the homework that should learn the school to teach, mother even she learns to play piano, the work that piano teacher leaves, the mother wants bother about, supervise and urge strictly she is finished fastidiously. Chen Shanshan has paragraph of time to think back out, the mother does not agree not only, stricter to her requirement instead. Shan Shan is obedient and honest child, since the mother enjoins to want those who press a teacher to decorate,do, must play everyday the musical instrument of how many time, she is finished with respect to conscientiously ground exactly the amount. The Deng Rong of adjoining Deng Home Xiaoping, Mao Mao also is in Lian Gangqin, but child of their requirement of beautiful jade of mother a surname is more comfortable, so Deng Rong often did not drill in Shan Shan musical instrument comes over to make an appointment with her to play. Children always love to play, at this moment Chen Shanshan always envies Deng Rong from the bottom of the heart, but she keeps back by force still desire, let Deng Rong wait a moment again: You help “ I see a table, one to time I play with you. ”“ my mom wants me to must drill so long, I not dare lazy. ” sees Chen Shanshan the look with one earnest face, deng Rong is helpless, be forced to help her look at a watch, till practice enough time just goes out to play together.
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