Mao Zedong caustic the person of personal benefit person
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The mother is happy this kind to aid person, caustic the moral of personal benefit person, affected Mao Zedong's thought and disposition. After becoming a great man to him all the time, he still accedes and carry on these goodness. After liberating, mao Zedong often gives elders of a country or district villager and teacher and friend, the person that be badly off especially sends money for many times. Still invite them to go to Beijing talk about the past, fete is xenial, give a lot of gifts. And he himself a live frugally, food and clothing is very common, the life is quite economical. These are the reason that childhood gets a mother to affect undoubtedly.

Disease change still breathes out, show loving care for indefinitely, multifarious eternal regret all must fill;

Buddha of immortal new learning, cannot go to world, where of one Ju smile is searched.

This is Wen Qimei after dying, mao Zedong is the elegiac couplet that the mother writes, express the feeling of his clinking love and esteem to the mother and endless grief. The moral education education that the mother has as a child to Mao Zedong and edification make he is benefited all one's life boundless. Read this story, most propbably parents knew what how education comes out to the great person is.

Present family is a singleton female, the child is just as numerous star to hold a month in both hands in the position in the home kind, at this moment parents needs vigilance, because be in,this kind of child that grows below the environment meets some more or less selfish tendency. There always can be a few weaks beside our, the person that a few need help, are when should encountering somebody to need to help, we how do? Of the child that how teachs our are we? If one individual childhood can help a person enthusiasticly, know the consecratory " that " loves, so when him (she) after grown adult, once knew dispute political integrity, also can have deep love for our motherland and people naturally. We know, the good ethics that fosters the child is the capital that be an upright person, it is the foundation that does a good person, and the first school that the family is education morality. As parents, shape the image of good oneself hard with respect to need, for person a person of exemplary virtue, strict him requirement, give the child a good example.

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