Hong Kong money grows Tang Ying year the father with him
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Tang Xiang the 1000 analysises that are hearing a son, nod again and again approve of

19 years are lain between when, after authority of afterwards Ceng Yin, Liang Jinsong, the 3rd finance department director after Tang Ying the year's harvest of 51 years old returns to the motherland for Hong Kong. Before allowing, dong Jianhua is grasping his hand to say: “ flower year ah, hong Kong is in a the moment of truth, need somebody is brave in to assume. ” Dong Te a deep lovers' prattle of first, moved deeply he. Accept when appointing, he is majestic and affirmatory: He can be exhausted can, cooperate cheek by jowl with social all circles, joint efforts, overcome current economic difficult position, build harmony of a prosperity and the society that each other show loving care for.

Tang Xiang the 1000 sons that assume heavy responsibility to be brave in Tang Ying year and proud.

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