Hong Kong money grows Tang Ying year the father with him
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On April 23, 2000, tang Xiang 1000 carry cornstalk Tang Ying year time too of the lake bank hold a memorial ceremony for sweeps ancestor grave. Before returning Hong Kong, be worth too the dusk of the lake, father and son two stop lake bank, gaze at the Yu Fan that returns from the Yu Hui of the setting sun, listen attentively to the fisherman's song that waves from late wind, call to mind the person that die, shed silent tears. 1000 pairs of sons say Tang Xiang: “ one's early years we Tang is familial ever made clear an agreement, bridge of severe home of every home town presses down the commonweal affair that attend, no matter size, my the Tang Dynasty surnames burden half. Flower year, the tradition of ancestors, we want engrave to be in heart ah! ” Tang Ying year nod silently. Actually, in recent years, home Tang ever subsidized school building of extend of elementary school of the Chong Ansi that do not have stannum 1 million yuan, establish ”100 of far fellowship of Mr “ Mr Tang 10 thousand yuan, a righteous act undertaken for the public good of the welfare such as assist old age and disabled is ceaseless. In December 2002, namely Tang Ying year before taking office as director of finance of harbor government office, hong Kong holds the post of when industrial and commercial the Tang Ying that reachs director of bureau of science and technology year, do not forget father example, head group of Hong Kong industrial and commercial delegacy 32 people will inspect a visit without stannum, the development that cares home town builds ……

Father is a son proud

Go up century at the beginning of 80 time, as the progress that problem of Sino-British Hong Kong talks, hong Kong people is filled with exultation, be on the tiptoe of expectation, hong Kong numerous a man of insight follows ancestor

The country is stuck more closely, but also have Lv of impeach of heart of small number of people. Be in this moment, with Tang Xiang the 1000 Hong Kong business circles that are colonel visit capital group to arrive at Beijing, be in what people congress hall accepted Deng Xiaoping to interview. In an enthusiastic atmosphere, deng Xiaoping tells each to be present willingly: “ Chinese has two traditions, it is not to believe unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, before what kind of great storms as stable as a mountain, never fear; 2 it is the Chinese says the word calculates a sentence, we say the policy to Hong Kong 50 years changeless it is changeless, it doesn't matter is very afraid. ”

Return Hong Kong, tang father and son closes to genu grows excitedly talk. Tang Ying year say: “ father, carry TV picture, hong Kong citizen notices, in be as long as of two hours in interviewing, the expression on Deng Xiaoping face is relaxed from beginning to end and happy, still often emerge 1000 happy ground are listening attentively to smile ……” Tang Xiang the son's speech. Outside the window, the Hong Kong that curtain of night envelops, like halcyon and beautiful beautiful woman; The Na Ya of far is island, long continent, the islands such as big island hill, lamplight twinkles, if show,be like concealed; The harbor island of vicinity and the Victoria between 9 dragon peninsulas are thalassic, shine upon gives two sides to communicate the inverted image of the high buildings and large mansions with transparent body, as colour of excessive of time of the Crystal Palace. Tang Ying year the flourishing harbor island night scene outside looking at a window says: “ is apparent, deng Xiaoping is to use the turning point that interviews the Hong Kong business circles that heads with you to seek capital group, clarify to Hong Kong and even world Hongkong's person of the ’ of central ‘ one nation to Hong Kong, ‘ manages a series of policy such as ’ of autonomy of height of harbor ’ , ‘ . I am certain, hong Kong can transfer smoothly certainly, recursive motherland. ”
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