Hong Kong money grows Tang Ying year the father with him
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1975, year only Tang Ying of 23 years old year the master's degree that already obtained psychology of American Yale society. Preparing to repair when him when reading a doctor's degree, father sends a letter to say: “ flower year, read with its postdoctoral work for the person, I see you be inferior to coming back dependably now to work to me. ” in those days Tang Ying year 3 little brothers are still little, then life of father of his comply with, return Hong Kong.

Tang Ying year after entering a company, everything is made from the beginning, learn first pack, knitting working procedure and skill learn after, become next comprador, the canal is managed and sell again subsequently. Come down a few years, he has western government knowledge already, have rich practice experience again. From this, familial hand-me-down course of study began family name of Hong Kong the Tang Dynasty new takeoff.

Grandparent and grandchild countryside of 3 acting patriotic love

800 lis too lake mist-covered water is vast, grand of grand of canal of a thousand li and come, 10 thousand lis of the Yangtse River gallop and go. This is born therefore Tang Laozhi ground, zhong Lingyu is beautiful, ground of an outstanding personality is clever. In July 2003, zheng Fengtang circle in the air 1000 80 birthday, without stannum abroad party heads for Hong Kong to be its congratulate on sb's birthday about the leader, invite Tang Ying at the same time year maternal —— does not have stannum Tang Youshu Ms. Qi answered chairman of abroad party reputation to attend those who do not have stannic abroad party to change a vote without stannum in November. According to concerning personage introduction, spirit of Tang Xiang Fu numerousing people is hale and hearty, the settle or live in a strange place of home town of entertainment of great kindness of the word that do not have stannum that still holding a dialect to did not change.

Tang Xiang 1000 it is famous dutiful son. 1972, the mother contracted alvine cancer, he is so urgent that he sleeping and eating installs hard, fly to Shanghai urgently, run in a few days a lot of branches, eventually convoy mother occupy Shanghai Ruijin hospital makes elaborate treatment. When should be informed a mother to be able to live 5 years again only at most, he cries red double eye, pledge should make a mother macrobian. Then, himself accompanies a mother to go to abroad cure of the cure that seek a name, just let loving mother live 12 years full again.

11 of the party 3 in after plenary meeting, the Jun Yuan of father the Tang Dynasty of 1000 held the position of Tang Xiang vice-chairman of Shanghai the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. He says to the son: “ circle in the air 1000, you will invest, our Tang Jia should be the motherland 4 turn the devotion that make a point. In case disinvestment, it is your give presents I. ” then, tang Xiang 1000 gentlemen invest initiate in home 18 companies and factory, achieved 3 “ the first ”—— is in Shenzhen make it brushstroke compensation trade, the day hill woolen mill of the first joint venture of domestic builds in Xinjiang, harbor of the first Shanghai did in Shanghai limited company of spin of wool of combination of joint ventures Shanghai.
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