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Father surelysubject sb to discipline of Carl is rigid not absolute however. Child err thing, it is incorrect that he tells the child why to be done so. When explain, he also avoids not to hurt the child's proper pride as far as possible.   

Other when to still have notable. The first, the priest answers the child's question with serious manner. General cheeper from 2, begin 3 years old, can like to ask all sorts of questions. If parental answer manner is informal, disrelish child long-winded, will wipe evil spirit the curiosity of cheeper, and the ability of cheeper develops also will get block up. Accordingly, carl's father encourages child ask a question actively, and serious ground answers a question, pretend to be ignorant of sth in order to gloss it over anything but. Come up against oneself to also do not understand the question that cannot answer very, the priest can reply honestly: This problem father also does not know “ . ” next 2 people check father and son together book or on the library solves a problem jointly.  

In addition, he thinks it is better to see for oneself rather than to hear for many times, accordingly, the eye shot that notices patulous child, add wide its information. So he often takes Carl to go out to take a walk, wait for his explanation building or historic site. Go into the street shop, hear opera of concert, playgoing, to museum, art gallery, move arboretum, the place such as hospital, beadhouse also lets Carl travel together. After coming home, want Carl to give a mother to know report of knowledge detailed ground, consequently nurturance the thing of observation of intention blocking Er, habit that listens to a specification seriously.  

Two people of husband and wife teach the child's idea, manner to should agree, lest make,the child is at a loss, not know what to do. The heart of cheeper resembles piece of white paper, not good and evil, wide those who father is divisional. Accordingly, parental insist to be opposite even if be opposite, the fault is wrong, cannot think the child is small let off easily. And the manner of two people of husband and wife is consistent, to the child's character education will have very great help.
It is last bits, normally the cheeper of endowment actor produces arrogant and complacent psychology easily. Prideful and complacent disrelish easily not only by the person, and the meeting is cloggy his progress. Carl's father is early with respect to detection this problem, accordingly, he crosses award card Er anything but, request a friend to also do not want too complimentary Carl even. The priest is criticized to be old stick-in-the-mud accordingly however. But foster for the child's character, he does not care about these jeer.
Learn idiom character early more, can promote the development of the intelligence of cheeper and spirit, this theory already had manpower early to go before 200 years, and get very good positive result. So precious thought, can be we abandoned how not raise?
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