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“ assumes the ability with inherent cheeper has 100, do not discover however help advance somebody's career, criterion his ability can drop slowly, the likelihood when 5 years old is decreased for 80, decrease when 10 years old for 60, remain only when 15 years old 40. Accordingly, must grasp an opportunity, the potential that allows the child be able to play of ground of incisively and vividly. Anyhow, had healed early more, i.e. , in the beginning of the intelligence of cheeper develops, educational job wants to begin, so, specific course of action should how? from teach cheeper language to begin. The language is the best tool that absorbs knowledge, language study must heal early, know more much, its absorb intellectual ability to also increase subsequently. ”  

Clerical practice is such, he extends finger in Carl before, carl stretchs his hand the finger that goes arresting a priest. Just began to catch do not wear, catch ah catch the ground to be captured eventually, carl points to the hand father to send in past mouth, the priest is in get mood to say with slow, clarity at this moment: “ finger, hand points to ” . Anyhow, the priest is taking the I when the thing looks to Carl every time, can speak the name of this content slowly clearly. Before long, carl also can issue the denomination of this object correctly.  

Next, he builds pleasant study atmosphere again, have simple, happy conversation with Carl. Conversational content has to simple adjective, verb from furniture, dress, arboreous flowers and plants, bug. After in a way blocking Er can understand talking content, his parents talks with him surely everyday, and want calorie of Er restatement their talk, if be inferior to this, cannot improve conversational efficiency.

Result, carl is in 5, already remembered making an appointment with 30 thousand vocabulary when 6 years old. Want to notice, carl's father uses dialect anything but or ambiguous word and card Er talk. When enunciation blocking Er is proper, the priest is feeling his head to praise him. And in cacology blocking Er truly when, the priest says intentionally to the wife: “ blocks Er to won't say these a few news. ” clergywoman answers: You won't say “ card Er! ” then, year young the pronunciation that Carl corrects him hard desperately. When Carl returns VIP to hold in the arms, he already articulated correctly.
His father is not satisfied accordingly, he hopes Kaerli dismisses more complex argument. He thinks brains wants clarity, above all it is clear that utterance should be understood. Accordingly, parental itself of Carl also uses the German of correct grace hard.  

Carl begins to read partly from 3 years old. Clerical course of action is, above all he buys book of a few children to wait, tell interesting story Carl to listen next, tell Carl: You meet “ the word of know how to read, you can know these stories. This are much then better! ” in order to arouse his curiosity. Or also say sometimes: These “ stories are very Orphean, nevertheless father tells you to listen without time now. ” but, those who block Er to want know how to read is extremely appetent tall. The priest begins to teach Carl know how to read from this.  
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