Breath out wheat of heart collect · to overcome godchild of rice human relation
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Honorary feeling ——
Honorary feeling of the child just often is established gradually below parental excitation. The meeting when Euramerican parent chats together says: My daughter Yi Lisha takes “ namely in vain the material for making clothes of Oscar award. ”“ hey! Small Williams is zenithal and clever, 50 years old can get nobel prize. ”……

[the growing course of Ke Milun of wheat of Ha Deluo · ]

No matter Ke Milun of wheat of Ha Deluo · is in the childhood times of scamper about, still be in Eton is fair learned boyhood, or in Baliao young times of the institute, hear what maternal Sa plays 20 years of consistent day to admonish ceaselessly: “ wheat overcomes Mi Lun, you follow other child different, you should be become in the future of British premier. ” is in of the mother from small below the drive of the honorary move that should become a great man, wheat overcomes do all one can of rice human relations to go all out in work, with great concentration searchs, came 1957 eventually 1963 for two times flourish held the post of British premier.